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All prices are in CAD |  We ship Canada Wide! | 
All prices are in CAD |   We ship Canada Wide!
All prices are in CAD

Installers Wanted!

Feb 28th 2022

Looking for an opportunity to earn some extra income?

Atlas Automotive Equipment CANADA is always looking to team up with mechanically minded people to offer installation options to our customers.  No matter what part of Canada you reside in we have customers there and more often than not they would like to have their lifts and other equipment setup and installed. 

Although experience is a great asset it is not required.  We are looking to work with people who:

  • have a high mechanical apptitude.
  • like to build things.
  • can work through problem solving.
  • like to perform high quality service and work.
  • take pride in their finished product.
  • won't finish until the customer is satisfied.
  • MOST OF ALL, have a positive attitude!

If you have common hand tools and the ability to move and manipulate heavy objects (500lbs) then there is no monetary investment needed on your end.

Most products can be setup by 1-2 people within a couple hours to a full day (depending on the item).  Customers are typically very flexible on the dates/times so it allows an installer to perform these services during more convenient times (evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.)

If you feel you have the ability and desire to offer this type of service please contact us through our toll free number 866.284.8604 or VIA email