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All prices are in CAD |  We ship Canada Wide! | 
All prices are in CAD |   We ship Canada Wide!
All prices are in CAD

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How Do I Get My Stuff Off The Truck?:

Many customers do not have access to loading docks and forklifts. We have assembled some photos of our products being unloaded with and without the aid of a forklift. Many of our freight carriers have power tailgates on their delivery trucks. There may be an extra charge for the power tailgate, depending on the carrier. The power tailgate is normally rated at 1000 LB. capacity. This is not enough capacity to unload most of our lifts. However, when used properly (and safely), the power tailgate (in conjunction with some common sense) allows the customer to off load many of our products without the use of a forklift.

Watch our video on how to use a power tailgate to help you unload your product from a truck. 

Most truck shipments will be delivered by a commercial freight carrier operating a tractor/trailer rig. The semi trailer will be enclosed. Most commercial carriers have smaller straight trucks and some have small flatbed trucks, but the majority of freight companies will not use these smaller trucks for your delivery. Greg Smith Equipment cannot guarantee the type of truck that will be used for delivery. You should assume that your product will be delivered on a tractor/trailer rig that uses a 53 foot enclosed trailer. This is a VERY LONG rig. It is the truck driver's responsibility to make sure that your product is brought to the back of the delivery truck. It is the customer's responsibility to unload the product from the truck.

Watch our video on how to unload your two post or four post lift from a semi truck.