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All prices are in CAD |  We ship Canada Wide! | 
All prices are in CAD |   We ship Canada Wide!
All prices are in CAD

Customer Support



Most of our automotive service equipment can be repaired and updated by you; the customer. This is the same philosophy that has been adopted by the computer industry. For service or repair issues, you can either take the computer back to the store or have a technician come to your location to perform the necessary repair. However, with the "Plug and Play" technical advances made over the last several years, you can probably update or repair your own computer.

We believe that you or your staff can repair or update most of our automotive equipment, if provided with the correct parts. Most of our customers want the opportunity to repair their own equipment as quickly as possible. Many of our larger National competitors have a service team that will visit your shop and provide parts and service at a very high cost to you. Many times the service person does not have the necessary parts on the truck and must make a return trip. This results in more delay and an extra cost for you. Many times a manufacturer will void the warranty if you have attempted to complete even the most simple of repairs without the aid of a factory service person.

We feel that you or someone in your shop is mechanically inclined. That is why you are buying automotive service equipment. We understand that the equipment you purchased from Atlas Auto Equipment Sales helps to make money for your shop. We understand that you need to get up and running ASAP.

Our Atlas® automotive equipment is manufactured to the same exacting standards as other "NAME BRAND" products, yet sells for much, much less. For Atlas Auto Equipment Sales to sell at the lowest possible price, we cannot afford to have a fleet of service trucks and a squad of door to door service personnel. However, we do maintain a fully staffed service department and a fully stocked parts department.


Atlas Auto Equipment wants customers that are capable and willing to help themselves when a repair needs to be made to any product purchased from Atlas Auto Equipment Sales. If a potential customer is NOT mechanically inclined or cannot get help from a local mechanically inclined person, then we ask you to NOT buy our equipment. Most of the products sold at Atlas Auto Equipment Sales require assembly or installation. You (and your friends or service department) must have mechanical skills to assemble or repair. You (and your friends or service department) must also be willing to read and understand written instructions. Atlas Auto Equipment Sales has a service department that can help to answer technical questions. Our service department speaks English. They do not speak other languages as good as English, but we do have some Spanish speaking technicians.

Our service department cannot (and will not) spend time giving answers to questions that are quite graphically answered and explained in our service manuals.



We sell top quality products at a great price. We stock parts and accessories at our seven conveniently located warehouses. We have technical support people to assist those customers that actually need assistance not those that are too lazy to read the enclosed manuals or "Quick Start" guides included with our equipment. Our techs are much smarter than our customers about repairing the equipment sold at Atlas Auto Equipment. Our techs want to help you.

If you are the type of person that does not like to listen or thinks that they "know it all": then do not buy from us. We have provided the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible prices for over 30 years. We are not perfect...but we can help...if you let us.

We want to resolve all technical issues ASAP, and the only way to do that is to work together.

For technical support on any of our products, please call 866.284.8604.